The Rise and Fall of Popular Music

[A polemical history]

Introduction and Acknowledgements
Chapter 1:The Origins of Popular Music
Chapter 2:Minstrelsy, and The War Between the States
Chapter 3:The Rise of Vaudeville and Tin Pan Alley
Chapter 4:The Ragtime Era and the Coon Shouters
Chapter 5:The Early Years of Jazz
Chapter 6:Broadway and the Golden Age of Songwriting
Chapter 7:The Jazz Age, the Great Depression, and New Markets: Race and Hillbilly Music
Chapter 8:Big Band Jazz
Chapter 9:The Swing Era Begins
Chapter 10:Small-group Jazz, the Jukebox, and New Independent Labels
Chapter 11:The 1940s: War and Other Calamities
Chapter 12:The Early 1950s: Frustration and Confusion
Chapter 13:Music for Grown-ups
Chapter 14:Rock'n'roll; or, Black Music to the Rescue (Again)
Chapter 15:The Abdication of a Generation
Chapter 16:A Last Gasp of Innocence
Chapter 17:The 1960s: A Folk Boom, a British Invasion, the Soul Years, and the Legacy of an Era
Chapter 18:The Heat Death of Pop Music
Chapter 19:Black Music: Everybody's Still Doing It